MY Anda - Another Win for the Kimerbleys

MY Anda

Only a few weeks since MY Glaze's Voyager award for its cruise of Northwest Australia, another Kimberleys yacht has been cited at the top of Boat International magazine's list of the 21 best charter yachts in remote destinations.

Built in 1965, the 42m vessel Anda originally worked the much colder waters of the North Sea as a buoy tender for the Norwegian coastguard. Re-modeled in 2012 as a luxury motor yacht, she still journeys to some of the world's most remote and stunning destinations.

There is no mistaking the boat's working heritage with those rugged lines still offering protection and re-assurance to her charter guests, just as they would have done to crews throughout her 52 year history.

To learn more about Boat International's 21 top charter yachts for remote destinations, click here. Or for more information on chartering Anda, contact Ocean Alliance.

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Jonathan is a professional engineer with a background in maritime communications and electronics. He founded Acutec Systems in 2004 and is managing director of the company.

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