Acutec Delivers Australian TV To Cruise Ships

Pacific Sun departs Sydney harbour

Acutec will provide VAST free-to-air (FTA) TV services, integration and technical support for the many cruise ships now operating in the South Western Pacific. Whilst in the Optus C1/D3 satellite footprint, Australian guests on board will be able to enjoy all the usual FTA TV programming they can see at home.

Since the Global Financial Crisis there has been a boom in the regional cruise-holiday market in the South Western Pacific. Most of the new bookings have come from Australian guests.

Whilst traditional cruise ship TV providers are focused on the US and Europe, Australian guests are demanding news, sports and entertainment that is interesting and relevant to them.

About the author

Jonathan is a professional engineer with a background in maritime communications and electronics. He founded Acutec Systems in 2004 and is managing director of the company.

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