Epic Cameron Dive To Challenger Deep Success

James Cameron emerges from his Deep Sea Challenger on a previous dive. Photo by Mark Thiessen/National Geographic

Film-maker and Explorer James Cameron's epic adventure to pilot only the second manned mission to the deepest point on earth ended successfully today. The National Geographic project was supported by Telstra and Acutec who provided the ship-based satellite communications solution.

The specially designed submersible Deepsea Challenger touched bottom at 10,898m at 0752 local time today. The dive is the culmination of years of work by a team of scientists and engineers based in Sydney, Australia.

Supporting the Telstra operation to provide broadband satellite communications for the project, Acutec Senior Engineer Joseph Harvey was on board research vessel Mermaid Sapphire to witness the historic events as they unfolded.

Following the dive, Acutec managing director Jonathan Salton added his congratulations to the team. 'It was great working with Telstra to make sure the communications worked flawlessely. Our combined teams on board in the Pacific and back in Sydney worked hard to make this all happen and we are very proud to have been part of history. Our congratulations to Mr Cameron and everyone involved.'

For more information visit Deep Sea Challenge

About the author

Jonathan is a professional engineer with a background in maritime communications and electronics. He founded Acutec Systems in 2004 and is managing director of the company.

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