Sea Tel Demonstrate Dual C And Ku Antenna System At Intelsat Teleport

Sea Tel recently partnered with Intelsat to install its latest innovative antenna on-site at Intelsat’s Napa Teleport. The 9711QOR system (QOR stands for “Quadrature Oriented Reflectors”) combines a standard 2.4M C-band antenna system with an orthogonally mounted 1.2M KU band antenna on a single pedestal.

Sea Tel took an installation team that included engineering, production, and service personnel to build and test the system on Intelsat’s C and KU network. This revolutionary system allows the switching from C to Ku band without the need to change any hardware on the antenna. Users can communicate with the pedestal via bluetooth and are able to switch between networks without climbing into the dome.

On June 7th, 2011 the QOR technology was demonstrated to a large group of customer’s at the Intelsat Connexions meeting. The demonstration was a success and generated a lot of interest. The antenna system will continue to operate at this location and will provide both Sea Tel and Intelsat a platform to test this new technology.

'Being able to operate on either C or Ku band satellite networks offers advantages for operators of certain classes of vessels. When areas of operation and bandwidth requirements do not follow a set pattern such as in survey, research or other project-based deployments, the ability to access the best available satellite resources can be of great value.' said Acutec Business Development Manager Dominic Bond.

For More information please contact Dominic Bond at +61 9045 9300 or or read Sea Tel's white paper on their QOR technology.


About the author

Jonathan is a professional engineer with a background in maritime communications and electronics. He founded Acutec Systems in 2004 and is managing director of the company.

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